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Paper submission guidelines

We use double-blind system for peer-review; both reviewers and authors’ identities remain anonymous.

Only papers based on a reflection about space in literature and other arts will be considered for publication.

From 2017 onwards, the Topus journal will be published both in Potuguese and English. The authors of manuscripts which have been accepted for publication are expected to meet the deadlines mentioned in the acceptance notification email, with regard to the submission of the English version of their text. The journal will assign reviewers to assess the English version of the paper. The assessment will focus on the quality of the translation, that is, its adequacy to the standards of a scientific text.

Authors who submit a paper originally in English, are expected, in due time, to provide a portuguese version of that same manuscript.

Text formatting guidelines

1- Manuscripts are to be submitted through the Internet only, on the journal’s site.

2- Page formatting : Margins 2 cm on all sides. Arial font, size 12. Spacing between lines of text 1.5.Minimum 10 pages; maximum 20.

3- Abstracts should contain a maximum of 200 words and be written in Portuguese and English, preceded respectively by the words Resumo and Abstract, as well as the indication of the keywords (maximum four) that should contain the terms Palavras-chave and Keywords. Arial font, size 11, single spacing. Words must be separated by semicolons.

4- Notes must be entered in footer, numbered from 1, and should not be used for bibliographic reference. References, after quotation or paraphrase, should be made in the body of the work. Ex .: (BOSI, 1988, pp. 25-30)

5- Quotations should be made within the body of the text (up to 3 lines), arial font, size 12, within quotation marks. Quotes more than 3 lines long- indent 4cm from the margin, fully justify paragraph, arial font, size 11, single spacing. Do not use italic or any other type of marking.

6- Bibliographical references should comply to ABNT style and should comprise only the works cited in the text. The word References, in bold, should precede the works cited list.

7- Attachments should be placed after the works cited list, preceded by the word Annex; permission of authors / editors for partial or full reproduction of published texts should be acknowledged.

8- Charts, graphs, pictures and tables should be forwarded along with the text in the correct location.

9- TOPUS Journal holds the copyright for the works submitted, which should not, under any circumstances, be withdrawn after the evaluation process has begun.

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