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     VOL. 04 - Nş 2 - 2018

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Espaço, Literatura e outras Artes

    TOPUS Journal
  Vol. 04 - nş 2 - 2018
  Vol. 04 - nş 1 - 2018
  Vol. 03 - Nş 02 - 2017
  Vol. 03 - Nş 01 - 2017
  Vol. 02 - Nş 02 - 2016
  Vol. 02 - Nş 01 - 2016

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Literary space in Osman Lins
Literary space in Osman Lins Altogether, seven essays are scattered throughout these pages filled with humid reflections. Altogether, there are seven moments in which the author Osman Lins’s words are uncovered and, in turn, re-instituted through the eyes of nine researchers towards such an expansive universe. Seven times seven, the issues subject to argumentation - some entirely fruit of intensive reason; others subordinate to creative reason - invite readers to interact in such and such way, agreeing or disagreeing here and there, without losing track of the fruitful line that links author-text-researcher-reader in a communion of knowledge that feeds the cognitive process of thought. This, perhaps, is the goal embedded in between the lines of ideas then deemed timely. Above all, a real moment of pleasure and an affinity encounter, or one of provocation (in spite of the silly use to which the term has been reduced lately ...), seeking an enlargement of the already huge body of considerations that there exists about Lins’s literary works.

Literary space - theoretical texts

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